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Strip, Buff & Wax

All Cleaning Services uses the best quality waxes and agents to provide floor stripping and waxing services for Vinyl Composite Flooring (VCT). With just a single phone call, we can make your floors shine to your expectations. Call us today for a FREE inspection!


ACS Strip, Buff & Wax Technique


  • Preparatory floor analysis to determine the ideal method

  • Apply agents specific for your floor

  • Using our advanced equipment and professional staff, the floors will then be stripped, sealed, and waxed



All Cleaning Services will provide you with trustworthy and quality workmanship regardless if your floors are completed on an ongoing basis or a yearly basis. We can guarantee that once your floors are properly stripped, buffed, and waxed at an appropriate basis— your floors will create a shine that is unforgettable! 


Why Strip, Buff & Wax

  • Create a glossy and protective layer

  • Unforgettable shine

  • Prevent scratches and stains

acs will make your floors shine

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